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Dominate Indeed Master Class (Beginner)

The ultimate Master Class for Cleaning Business owners to dominate their own Indeed account.

Chapter 1 - Understanding Indeed:

Indeed is a  job search engine that connects you to a vast and diverse pool of applicants in your local market to help you find the right applicants for your hiring needs.


Chapter 2 - Create an Account:

Learn the process of creating an Indeed account and efficiently advertise your job openings to attract the best candidates.


Chapter 3 - Hiring Insight + Analytics:

To achieve maximum results and attract the most qualified applicants, we strongly recommend researching the cleaning job market in your area before posting your ad.


Chapter 4 - Posting a Job:

Upon completing your registration, take the next step to showcase your company: publish your job offer. For a well-crafted and tested job description, refer to Pipehire resources and download it now. Pipehire Resources:


Chapter 5 - Managing Budgets:

To gain a competitive edge, distinguish between free and sponsored job offers on Indeed. Learn how to optimize your budget for the best possible outcomes and drive maximum results.


Chapter 6 - Pay per application started (PPSA):

Gain a competitive edge by mastering the nuances of two of the most critical concepts: pay-per-click and application started. Get ahead of the pack with the essential knowledge to succeed in today's dynamic hiring landscape.

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Chapter 7 - Using Indeed interview calendar vs Calendly:

Efficiently find the best candidates using the scheduling tool that goes beyond a simple calendar. Compare Indeed's scheduling tool to Calendly-Pipehire integration and make the right choice for your organization.


Chapter 8 - How to setup Calendly for employee interviews:

Here's a comprehensive guide for setting up Calendly for employee interviews, designed to streamline your recruitment process and optimize candidate schedules.


Chapter 9 - Should you pay consultants to manage your own account?

Managing the core concepts of your platform can be the difference between success and failure as your business expands. Delegating Indeed account management to a skilled in-house staff member can help keep you on the path to success.


Chapter 10 - Managing Applicants and Candidates the right way:

Are you tired of paying for leads without receiving their complete information? Need help managing all those applicants? Should I use Indeed to manage my applicants? Learn what works best for your company.


Chapter 11 - How to Search Indeed Resume Database:

Discover practical techniques to search and thoroughly comprehend the Indeed Resume Database efficiently.

Chapter 12 - Interview with Indeed’s Whisperer Jim Durbin on Indeed’s Best Practices for Maximum ROI:

Learn from an Indeed expert on how to maximize your return on investment. Avoid common mistakes when posting job offers.